Removing heavy metals and toxins is imperative for preventing disease and optimizing our health; it is the foundation on which to build!  Just turn on the news or open the paper and chances are you will hear about another illness or disease being linked to environmental toxins and heavy metals.

What are heavy metals and toxins doing to our body?

Toxins are blocking our systems from working properly and keeping our bodies from utilizing the essential vitamins and minerals that we ingest both from food and nutritional supplements.  For example, lead is stored in our bones and keeps the bones from absorbing the necessary nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Toxins are linked to chronic disease and numerous health challenges which include: cancer; birth defects; neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and dementia; allergies, asthma, depression, diabetes, macular degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc.

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) states, “The growing consensus among scientists is that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood. Scientists now know enough about the long-term consequences of ingesting these powerful chemicals to advise that we minimize our consumption of pesticides.”

What can be done to protect our body from this toxic burden?

Simply, if you remove the toxins and heavy metals from your body, everything you do will work better! The goal is to reduce our exposure by minimizing consumption of pesticides and other chemicals and heavy metals.

These 5 solutions go a long way in reducing our exposure:

1.     Drink pure water free of chemicals.

2.     Eat whole foods in their natural state: the less processed, closer to its natural state the food is, the healthier you will be. This goes for veggies, meat, dairy products, grains and salt.  Avoid processed and pre-packaged foods and lunchmeat.  Follow the EWG shopper’s guide.

3.     Purify the air in your home and office.

4.     Use natural, non-toxic skincare and natural non-toxic cleaners (throw out the Clorox, Lysol and air fresheners!)

5.     Exercise.

What about the toxins we just can’t avoid?   The toxins stored in our body that we have accumulated since birth?

Because we are exposed on a daily basis, daily detoxification protocols are necessary to eliminate dangerous toxic build-up!  In our house, we address this with liquid zeolite, which is easily incorporated into our daily lives.  Liquid zeolite is a chelating natural mineral, which has the capability to bind and eliminate toxins, viral sub-particles, allergens, and heavy metals from the body.  It is a safe, non-toxic method of removing heavy metals and toxins.