Summer went so fast and it is sad to see it come to an end.  On the bright side, western PA brings with it spectacular autumn scenery accompanied with comfortable sunny days and cool nights.  But for 20% of Americans that are plagued with ragweed allergies, fall is not as inviting.   I am here to give you hope, to share with you how our family has discovered a way to be free of this affliction. 

Our allergy battle!

I was plagued with allergies most of my life.  Starting out as an infant with asthma, I spent my first year in and out of oxygen tents.  My parents weren’t sure I would survive my first birthday.   I did outgrow my asthma, however it was followed by eczema and food and environmental allergies (including pet dander) into my adulthood.   

When our children were born, 3 out of 4 suffered from allergies and eczema.  I did what I thought a “good” Mom did, took them to the doctor and specialists and followed their protocols: medications, steroid creams, injections, etc. 

Our wellness journey:  a better way!  

  • Enhance the quality of sleep

We started the whole family on sleep systems that incorporate magnetic, far-infrared and negative ion technologies and all of us stopped our allergy treatments.  Why, we slept all night before?  I believe the answer to be that allergies are an imbalance in your immune system.  When we enhanced the quality of the sleep, the immune system improved.  The 2 younger ones especially  were constantly developing secondary infections from cold/viruses and would be on antibiotics.  That has stopped

  • Dietary changes, whole food nutritionals and no vaccinations

As we learned more, we stopped all vaccinations and made dietary changes such as cutting out juices and providing good pure water to drink instead.   I knew healthy eating was important, but we improved that by changing our sources of food; meats and poultry without antibiotics/hormones, raw milk products, good oils (such as virgin coconut and safflower) and as many whole fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) as we can get them to eat!  The less processed, the more whole, the better!  When I learned all nutritionals are not created equal and some can actually do more harm to our bodies, we switched to whole food nutritionals from companies that I have researched and trust.

  • Room Filters

Our next step was adding room air filters.  We had a whole house air filtration system connected to our furnace, however when we added the room air filters, we noticed a difference in the seasonal, environmental allergy symptoms. 

  • Removing toxins and heavy metals

Toxins and heavy metals are considered major contributing factors to so many health challenges, including asthma, allergies and skin problems such as eczema.  I knew how important it was to rid our bodies of these toxins, however I didn’t know of a safe do-able method for our family until 5 years ago. We immediately started on NCD (liquid activated zeolite).  I feel so much better knowing that we are being pro-active in our defense against these harmful toxins.   We are seeing results such as improved complexions (including even tanning), improved immune systems, anti-inflammatory effects, improved vision, focus and breathing, decreased allergic reactions, etc.  Our son (15 years old at the time) worked out at the gym regularly and actually admitted he had easier workouts.  We are seeing that across the board – quicker muscle recovery and increased stamina.

  • Additional nutritionals

Two years ago, I added a mushroom extract (AgariGold H1X1) and Vitamin D3 to our protocol.   Last summer was the FIRST time in my entire life that we were able to open our windows spring, summer and fall!   May I add, without taking medication.  Yay!  Did I mention, we moved and live in the middle of 2 hay fields?!

Everything we have added is synergistic and has taken us to a new level.  We are healthier than we have ever been.  I feel so much better about our family, knowing we are being pro-active in our defense and that they will have healthier children as a result.  Oh, and by the way, we have four 4-footed creatures living in our house, 2 dogs and 2 cats!  Who says allergies cannot be overcome!