Available for purchase in a bottle containing 1 month or 2 month supply.  Also available in 2 day supply Starter Packs!  2 days for $5.00  plus shipping. 

Trivaren TRIM – Achieve and Maintain a Trim Body to Support a Healthier Lifestyle!

Do you want energy to burn more calories?

Do you want to reduce stored fat around your waist, hips and thighs?

Would you love to better control your appetite and sugar cravings, improve your concentration, mood, and thyroid function?

TRIM contains natural ingredients to support your body in its fight against aging and weight gain.


  • Reduces Appetite

It is no secret that losing weight and keeping it off requires a new attitude toward the amount you eat.  TRIM was formulated to support your efforts.  New studies show that if Americans ate half as much we could add up to 20 healthy years to our lifespan by reducing our risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer & arthritis.

  • Burns Fat

When formulating TRIM, we used the most effective all-natural ingredients to support a healthy metabolism.  Burning stubborn fat has never been easier.

  • Control Cravings

Sugar and starch carbohydrates make you fat.  Gaining control of those cravings can be the advantage you are looking for.  Ingredients used in TRIM support healthy sugar levels, which may in turn give you more control.  Lipotropics support fat metabolism.

  • Focus, Concentration & Moods

Brain function is a necessary part of losing weight & keeping it off.  We included some of the most effective brain food available to you so you can feel confident with your ability to succeed.

  • Thyroid

We understand that a healthy thyroid is necessary for successful weight loss.  Using natural iodine from Atlantic kelp may be the support you need.  This special ingredient also supports cellular repair, metabolism, muscle development anti-aging characteristics and is a powerful antioxidant.

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