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Four Important Components to a Healthy Body!

There are 4 important components to a healthy body.  These components are synergistic and every area that you improve will take you to the next level of health: 1.  Nutrition 2.  Sleep 3.  Water 4.  Exercise Part 1:  Nutrition It... Read More

Healthy Eating: A Top Priority! You Are What You Eat!

The old adage “you are what you eat” is so true! ... Read More

How to Treat Joint Pain and Inflammation Without Drugs and Surgery!

Chronic inflammation is linked to a wide variety of conditions, including chronic aches and pains. The common conventional medical approach to arthritis, back pain, stiffness and inflammation relies on anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and painkilling drugs. These drugs can provide temporary relief,... Read More

Radiation Exposure and Zeolites

In light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I believe we all need to be concerned and pro-active regarding radiation exposure. Did you know that clinoptilolite (the type of zeolite used in NCD) was used at Three Mile... Read More

Weight Loss

Weightloss. Practical information to help you safely lose weight and maintain it. Essentials to weight loss include water, sleep, healthy eating and exercise. Roadblocks to weightloss include toxins, lack of enzymes, low Vitamin D levels, stress and hormone... Read More

Solutions to Your Body’s Pollution

Solutions to Your Body's Pollution. Removing Heavy Metals and Toxins. After writing my blog titled “The Importance of Removing Heavy Metals and Toxins from Our Body” I have been receiving requests to write more on this subject. ... Read More

The Big Fat Truth About Fats

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats Ok, so what’s the deal about fats? On almost every aisle in the grocery store, you see signs and labels low-fat, fat-free, or absent of any trans fat. So why is America’s weight... Read More

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

The Health Benefits of Chocolate. How can something that tastes this good be so good for you? Research and published studies are showing that dark chocolate is actually good for you. It has the highest concentration of flavonoids on... Read More

Fall Allergy Solutions

Summer went so fast and it is sad to see it come to an end.  On the bright side, western PA brings with it spectacular autumn scenery accompanied with comfortable sunny days and cool nights.  But for 20% of Americans... Read More