1 1/3 # ground beef (pastured, antibiotic and hormone-free beef)
1 # ground venison
1 # sweet Italian sausage (I use a nitrate, nitrite free sweet Italian sausage.
*Total of 3 1/3 # of ground meats.

31 oz. Ricotta cheese
1 # frozen spinach thawed and squeezed dry.
Freshly grated raw goat cheese
Fresh garden peppers cleaned and seeded – I mix in hot peppers also.


1. Brown meats and drain.
2. Mix meat mixture with ricotta, spinach, and grated cheese.
3. Stuff peppers** and put into large casserole or roaster (I layer them) and cover with spaghetti sauce. I use an organic tomato and basil sauce.
4. Bake until peppers are soft, at least 1 hour. I cover the casserole for part of the cooking time. If I have leftover meat mixture, I make **meatballs. Some of the filling may come out, but no problem, just makes the sauce better.
5. Serve over organic pasta or quinoa.

* I use as many natural, pesticide free ingredients that I can afford and are available.
**The stuffed peppers and meatballs can be frozen. Freeze the peppers and meatballs, then cook after they thaw by covering the peppers and meatballs with spaghetti sauce. Cook for an hour, and serve over fresh pasta.