Exercise makes a huge difference in my overall health: helps maintain my weight, improves overall sense of well-being, keeps my muscles toned, joints flexible,  strengthens bones and improves my sleep.  I have physical limitations due to a birth defect (hip deformity), therefore, I cannot perform any exercise that puts pressure on my hip joints. 

I have incorporated weighted fitness shoes in to my daily routine of stretching, power-walking or rebounding (www.reboundair.com).  The initial cost is minimal – proper shoes and a good quality rebounder – and it is easily accessible.  It gets me outdoors, which adds to the benefit of fresh air and sunshine!

CardioStrides™ Want to turn your daily habits into a fitness workout? You can, with Nikken CardioStrides. These shoes help you to lose pounds, improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health while you’re walking, practicing sports, wearing them at the office or around the house.* CardioStrides feature ergonomic, weighted inserts that transform your everyday routine into exercise. Two pairs of inserts with different weights allow you to match the weight to the activity — so CardioStrides are like several pairs of shoes in one. They’re also the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever have. New CardioStrides are designed using precise measuring dynamics for proper fit. Cushioning throughout adds comfort. CardioStrides look just like conventional, high-end athletic shoes — but they’re really your calorie-burning, muscle-building fitness secret.  *When used in conjunction with an exercise program.